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Al Andalus Since 1983

Al Andalus Group is the leading marketer of LED lighting products in the middle east. It was established in 1983 at the dawn of an age in which the building and construction was flourishing all over Dubai. Since 1983, Al Andalus Group is reputed as Energy-efficient lighting solution provider in Dubai Abu Dhabi and in UAE region. When it comes to electronics, energy saving products, and finding right solutions to clients Al Andulus is counted as one of the  best lighting companies in UAE. Clients satisfaction is a number 1 rule in our company as our goal is to gain all our customers loyalties’.
Over the years, the company has expanded its scope to serve the major industries in the domestic and GCC markets

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Al Andalus Smart Energy Solutions

Al Andalus Group is  energy-efficient lighting options consultant of LED lighting products in Dubai and Middle East. It was established in 1983 at the dawn of an age in which the building and construction was flourishing all over Dubai. We are still the best commercial lighting suppliers for Sharjah and all over UAE.


Indoor Lighting


Outdoor Lighting

Smart Lighting Companies in Dubai. UAE

Our Commercial lighting solutions in UAE are popular for being smart  lighting products (weather indoor or outdoor) in UAE – We have Smart LED solutions for every space and  for every site. 


Elevate your space with our exquisite Chandelier, perfect for enhancing ambiance and adding a touch of elegance to various settings. Whether it’s your showroom, living room, lobby, bedroom, or kitchen, this chandelier brings a radiant allure to any space it graces.

Pendant Light

Introducing our Pendant Light, a versatile lighting solution designed to redefine elegance and functionality in any space. Whether suspended over dining tables, kitchen islands, or as focal points in hallways and living areas, this pendant light adds a captivating charm to your interior design.

LED Track Light

Introducing our LED Track Light, a dynamic lighting solution engineered to elevate the ambiance of any space with versatility and precision. Perfect for showcasing artwork, accentuating architectural features, or illuminating task areas, this track light offers unparalleled flexibility and performance.

LED Spotlight

Introducing our LED Spotlight, a powerful and versatile lighting solution designed to illuminate your space with precision and elegance. Whether highlighting architectural details, accentuating artwork, or providing focused task lighting, this spotlight delivers exceptional performance and style.

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